Formosa Miracle Bike Association

Ride to Write Your World Story

Formosa Miracle Bike Association

Ride to Write Your World Story

About FMB

Formosa Miracle Bike Association

An exquisite trip, neither too crowded nor too lonely.
An exclusive journey, not too hasty, nor too similar.
As long as you yearn for it with all your heart, we will build it for you.
Because we believe that a real trip starts from the heart!
The new bicycle travel is gradually seeing the heart, and the bicycle tour in Taiwan is full of happiness!

We have prepared a high-quality bicycle private tour itinerary at home and abroad,
Let you who like cycling and traveling,
Uninterrupted Ride to Write Your World Story
Write your own world story while riding a bicycle.

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In order to serve the vast number of riders, only a few associations have been established:

1. 【Filial piety extension group】-specially set up for self-employed, retired, and shift cyclists! Avoid the crowds and traffic during the holidays, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taiwan's mountains and rivers by cycling, and eat special delicacies from all over the country! Is the best platform for non-holiday rides. Welcome to introduce car friends to join!

2. 【Itchy Foot Cycling Club】 - a discussion platform for cycling events and events, which is designed for riders who love cycling events. It is a platform for round-trip shuttle service for races. It is a non-profit association, but it is forbidden to advertise products, not related to event information and intentional criticism of P0 articles. Welcome to join the car enthusiasts!

3. 【Choice Treasure Club】 - This non-profit platform is because some riders want to upgrade and change cars. They want to find suitable owners for their old horses or new riders, and find suitable treasures at a cheap price. Like finding a treasure, it will continue to exert its effectiveness, so the platform is named 【Choice Treasure Club】. This platform rejects all kinds of fraudulent auctions and advertisements. If you are the one, you are the one...Unlimited exchange of new, second-hand, peripheral products, inventory, and attach actual product pictures, prices, regions...You can share personal collections, antique cars, special products, the latest bicycle trend...etc.

4. 【Cycling Talent Club】-a sharing and discussion platform specially set up for riders, aiming at bicycle repair, maintenance, riding posture, and use of bicycle accessories. This platform rejects all kinds of fraudulent auctions and advertisements, if you are the one....

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